This kit guarantees protection and care of the thermal and sanitary circuits, and consists of:

FDM-1P - Magnetic Dirt Separator Filter, DOSAPLUS - Proportional polyphosphate powder dosing system, NEUTRAL MINI - Neutralising acid condensate for condensing boilers.

FDM-1P eliminates ferrous residues from the heating circuit. DOSAPLUS protects the boiler from limescale and deposits. NEUTRAL MINI treats the acid condensate expelled from the condensing boilers before it reaches the drain. Three products in a single kit that will improve the efficiency of heating and sanitary systems, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption.


See the data sheets of the individual products
Continuous protection of thermal and sanitary systems
A single product to solve or prevent several problems
Easy choice thanks to the illustrated packaging
Improvement of the thermal efficiency of the boiler
Reduced energy consumption
Significant savings in costs
Small-sized products, also adaptable to small spaces
Easily installed and serviced products