The Hydropul cleaning filters are a powerful solution for filtration of cold water at the inlet.

Equipped with cross flow washing system, driven by the opening of discharge ball valve on the bottom of the filter, they offer a quick and effective cleaning of the filter element.
When the valve closes, the filter immediately becomes operational again. The Hydropul cleaning filters for cold water are supplied with RA mini 70 µm and on the market are available in the following versions:
- HYDROPUL 1 with 3/4” and 1” plastic connections (both in the package)
- HYDROPUL 2 with 3/4” brass connections
- HYDROPUL 3 with 1” brass connections
The product may be equipped with a drain funnel (optional) to prevent pollution by backflow.

Main products

Cleaning filters for cold water
HYDROPUL 1: Reinforced PA66 polyamide
HYDROPUL 2/3: Reinforced PA66 polyamide + CW 617 N brass coupling unit
Housing: SAN
Flat gaskets: NBR
Maximum operating pressure: 8 bars (116 psi)
Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (113° F)
Non-toxic materials that can be used with drinking water
Quick and easy cleaning operations
Rich variety of models
Special RA mini dedicated cartridge
Maximum reliability with cold water
Maximum operating temperature: 70°C (158° F)