The CB-EC SX (DOE) filter cartridges, with a sintered activated carbon block obtained from coconut shells, filter and treat water contaminated from bacteria and protozoa

such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium ( CB-EC CYST SX models), heavy metals ( CB-EC Pb SX models), or with the presence of volatile organic compounds ( CB-EC VOC SX models) chlorine, unpleasant odours and flavours ( CB-EC CTO SX models).
The characteristic colour of the end caps distinguishes the various types of cartridge based on the respective function.
They are available with a nominal filtration degree of 1, 5, 10 micron, heights of 5”, 7”, 10”, 20”, maximum recommended capacity 450 l/h.
The CB-EC SX filter cartridges are produced using special technologies that make it possible to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere

Main products

Carbon block filter cartridges for filtering fine sediments, reduction of unpleasant flavour and odour, chlorine concentration, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, cysts, chemical pollutants pesticides and insecticides.
Also effective against protozoa in cystic form (depending on models).
SX cartridges: double open end (DOE)
Can be installed on SX, DP, DEPURAL, DEPURAL TOP, BRAVO DP, OASIS DP housings
Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (176°F)
Average duration: 3-6 months
Maintenance: none
Use with potable water. Do not use with microbiologically impure water or of unknown quality
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
Different configurations and models, easy to identify based on plate colour
Produced with proprietary technology that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions