Water treatment filter cartridges with ionic exchange resins: depending on the chosen resin, they are used for producing softened water, for lowering total salinity
or reducing nitrates.

 The QA CF SX (DOE) strong cationic resin cartridges are designed to reduce total water hardness and produce softened water in small quantities both[...]

The QA CF BX strong cationic resin cartridges with quick coupling are designed for softening water destined to home and technical uses.

The QA AF SX (DOE) cartridges with strong anionic resin are used on home and technical systems for reducing the level of nitrates.

The QA AF BX (SOE – o - ring 222) quick coupling strong anionic resin cartridges reduce the concentration of nitrates

The QA LM SX (DOE) mixed bed resin cartridges are used to reduce total salinity of water for technical and home uses.

The QA LM BX (SOE –o- ring 222) mixed bed resin cartridges with quick coupling are used to reduce the total content of salts dissolved in water ([...]

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